Perfectly Cut Diamonds that Stand for Social Consciousness

"We take from the Earth and we must return the gift."  Our vision is to use fine jewels as a means to support sustainable efforts and elevate social consciousness.  

By collaborating with various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs we encourage "mindful consumption" that will will carry through the legacy of the jewel.  Part of the proceeds are donated to any initiative that sustains the natural environment.

We believe that fine craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourcing the highest quality raw materials and continues through the creation of the final piece of jewelry. We source our diamonds from known and recycled sources who are committed to the highest ethical practices in all dealings.

Almost all of our diamonds are laser engraved with a unique Gemological Institute of America tracking number that is invisible to the naked eye while protecting the perfection and beauty of the stone. We value traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of our diamonds which stand for the standards established by the Kimberley Process. From mine to finger, our diamonds originate from channels certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).
From ancient Greek to modern day, diamonds have long been magical and powerful symbols of eternal love, romance and commitment. In Greek mythology, diamonds were the tears of god, Roman literature references diamonds as fragments of fallen stars, and Cupid's irresistible arrows of love, passion and desire were tipped with diamonds, accentuating the magical and symbolic power of diamonds and its connotation to love.

At Golkonda, we are driven by passion to create beauty. We find inspiration in nature and use only the finest materials to give life and form to our jewelry which reflects union and commitment.
Born under pressures and heat within the Earth, the world’s oldest diamonds are said to be billions of years old. Prior to the 1800's, Golkonda mines solely produced the most sought after stones in the world. This ancient mine was located in India. Golkonda stones were fought over and worn by English monarchs, Napolean and Mughal emprors alike. From ancient to present times, diamonds are regarded as the most powerful, portable and valuable form of currency.

Cutting and polishing of a rough diamond remains an art-form and one that requires the skill and experience of an expert craftsman. Our diamonds are manufactured in any one of the primary cutting centers throughout the world namely Belgium, Israel, India and New York.

At Golkonda we review each and every diamond that is to be selected for our inventory. This attention to detail ensures the consistent and high standards of quality control are maintained.

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